As women, oftentimes in relationships we get to a point where we feel distant and closed off from our spouse or significant other. We begin to feel unfulfilled and resentful, which often leads to other issues with sex, intimacy, and meaningful connection. It is so easy to get stuck in this place and be at a loss on how to move forward and heal the relationship with our self and our partner...

This is where I was at in my marriage 2 years ago. I thought my relationship had failed beyond repair, and I was headed towards a divorce. Now I am learning how to take responsibility for my happiness and heal my marriage, and I teach other women how to do the same for themselves. I have a process that empowers you to heal your heart from the pain you are experiencing and discover true happiness within yourself in just a handful of sessions.

I'm Karyn Seitz, a relationship counselor specializing in working with women in committed relationships. I teach women how to be happy and have a fresh start with themselves and their spouse or significant other.

I also work with men and women from all walks of life who are struggling with different types of relationship problems or other challenging life issues. 

Working with me is very different than traditional talk therapy. Instead of talking about your problems every week, each session is a focused class that teaches you how to look within and be the solution to your problems. I have a series of structured 10 week programs and courses that guide you to begin anew and let go of non-supportive behavior patterns that create an unhappy experience of yourself and your relationship. Instead of trying to change your spouse or significant other, you become empowered to change your own experience by working on yourself.

The result is creating a healthy relationship and discovering a new you that is waiting underneath your pain and frustration...a new you who is whole, fulfilled, and happy to be exactly who you are

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I am more than willing to answer any questions you have about working with me. Call 303-949-6952 or email me at