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"Working with Karyn has been a life changing experience. She has a unique ability and gift to help me open up and break through my inner walls. My relationship has changed so much by understanding that I create my experience of it and that I have all the power to change it" - Lorraine C.


Clients work with me in a 10 week structured program/ course to resolve the emotional pain and behavioral issues stemming from a marital/relationship problem or other challenging life issues such as relationship endings, grief and loss, career, and family. My programs are results oriented, and I teach clients the tools to transform their relationships and lives.

This style of inner work leads clients underneath their story to the root issues of self-identities and attachments. The foundation of my approach uses self-awareness and personal responsibility as a cataylst for healing and personal growth. By taking ownership of your internal experience, you are empowered to be your own solution to your problems. 

This healing method works because you let go of emotional pain and unhealthy patterns with self-honesty, conscious action, and self-ownership. The self-awareness you create by stepping out of your story and into your truth will be the very act that propels you into freedom, clarity and personal transformation. As you heal and open your heart, you will experience new possibilities and potential in your life as well as inner peace and happiness. 

I am more than willing to answer any questions you have about working with me. Call 303-949-6952 or email me at