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Karyn Seitz, Marriage Coach and Mentor

By doing my own inner work, I have learned that I am my own answer...always. I spent so many years looking for answers outside of myself and feeling helpless to external factors, and it wasn't until I looked within me and began healing myself that I found freedom. My joy is teaching other people how to find their own answers within themselves so that they can move forward in life from an empowered place of inner wholeness and self-awareness. I am especially passionate about helping people grow and heal from difficult relationship hardships because there is such richness in what we can discover about ourselves in connection to others. I love working from this angle because it is so exciting and heart opening to witness others break free from their pain and suffering to find the peace and solace they have been looking for. 

I believe that the power to heal, which to me means finding peace within no matter our circumstances, lies in each individual. My strength to work with others is my discovery of this concept in myself. I truly view myself as a guide that leads you to you. You have everything you need to heal within you, and I am honored to guide you to that place. 

I am a grounded, direct, inclusive, accessible, and relatable guide for my clients. I show up for our time together as me intact with vulnerability and integrity, and my uniqueness lies in my commitment to walk the talk by being continually engaged in my own healing, growth, and self-awareness; I am walking this path beside you.

Training and Education

My training and education includes a degree in Integrative Therapeutic Practices from Metropolitan State University of Denver as well as group and one-on-one training and mentorship with David Cope and Peggy Lit, the founders of Anew Life Center.  

 I teach regular classes at Colorado Free University. I have also been a guest teacher for the Integrative Healthcare Department at Metropolitan State University of Denver.