How I Saved My Marriage Just By Working On Myself


"This program is amazing and has helped my relationship so much. I am much more confident in being myself in my relationship. I am also being honest with my boyfriend about things that used to be tough for me to communicate. It has helped with communication overall, and I feel more stable than I ever have. I don’t worry about the things I used to worry about, and I am not as clingy and needy. I am happier with myself and just being me because this program really pushes me to look at myself and be honest. Karyn is very patient and pushes just enough to drive me to look deeper and try harder in my life. I am in a positive place in my relationship and with myself that I never imagined possible. Working with you has been a blessing. I brag about you and the work I am doing all the time because it really works." - Fawn V., Denver, CO

"Working with Karyn has completely changed my marriage. I am able to be open with my spouse now and talk about challenging issues without all of the drama and emotion. I always made assumptions before and never let him know my issues. Turns out he didn’t have ESP after all! My relationship is much more straight forward and openhearted now, and there is no more confusion or complication. It is lighter and easier now because I am taking responsibility for my own actions, inaction, and communication with my husband. I am happier in a way that I was never able to achieve before. Karyn really helped me a lot!"- M.S. - Denver, CO

"Working with Karyn has been a life changing experience. She has a unique ability and gift to help me open up and break through my inner walls to see things about myself that I wouldn’t be able to see on my own. She has a way of making the inner work seem effortless. My relationship has changed so much by understanding that I create my experience of it, and I have all the power to change it. I now have freedom to build something totally new in my relationship. It is like I have a big, clean open space in me that I can fill with what I choose." - Lorraine C., Denver, CO

"Having worked with Karyn to resolve behavior patterns from past relationships, I can say that she and the process she uses are nothing less than spectacular. Karyn helped guide me away from "my story" - the story that kept me locked in anguish and turmoil - to get to the truth of my attachments and pain in order to reach a place of understanding, peace and resolution. Karyn works in a very kind yet direct and focused manner. I worked through and learned more about myself in one session with Karyn than I have in months of therapy! I HIGHLY recommend working with Karyn if you are experiencing any kind of heartache. She's extremely talented, compassionate, and a blessing to work with." - Margot W., Aurora, CO

 "I began working with Karyn to figure out how to move forward in a romantic relationship which was at a cross roads. I was at a place where I couldn’t figure out how to proceed, and I was blocking myself from trusting my own decisions and instincts. The cycle I was in had come to the point where I needed to try something new. I have taken responsibility for my decisions instead of blaming my partner, which is exactly what was blocking me from moving forward. While the relationship was like a roller coaster ride, I was the one that kept choosing to get back on. I was in a rut of negativity, but now I feel free and liberated because I am taking charge of me and my life. I am stepping out and doing things for me for the first time in a long time. Although I had to uncover some things about myself that were difficult to face, never once did I feel judged or unworthy; Karyn creates a very safe and peaceful environment to go to the places you need to go to heal. You couldn’t ask for a better guide to help you heal your heart!"  – P.B., Washington D.C.

"I first began working with Karyn because I wanted to work on improving my mood, but I ended up getting so much more out of my sessions than I ever imagined. She helped me feel extremely comfortable from the get go by creating a very safe environment to work through difficult issues connected to an ex-boyfriend. I have reclaimed control of my life, let go of blame, and learned to love myself again after years of an unhealthy personal relationship with myself. I feel much more at peace with myself and life. My self-love has grown and expanded tremendously, and I feel confident about who I am and where I am going; I know myself so much more! I would recommend Karyn to any woman who feels lost or overwhelmed by life and/ or anyone looking to strengthen their connections/relationships with other people. She has played a huge role in the person I’ve become and the journey it’s taken me to get here, so thank you!" – L.G. Denver, CO

“Close to a year after my husband passing away, I was on a rollercoaster of grief and emotions. I was trying different coping strategies that would work for a little bit, but then triggers would come out of nowhere, leaving me back to where I started. I’d wake up still so depressed and think to myself I can’t do this anymore. I knew I had to find a way to get off the “up and down” ride of grief and truly heal.

Learning to go from my head into my heart to heal was the missing link. Once Karyn taught me to go under my emotions and into my heart and my feelings, I was able to finally let go. Being able to go into the pain of my loss and solve the deeper issues triggered by my husband’s death was such a gift. The amount of peace I feel in myself now is amazing. I also have a whole new understanding of myself and the healing power of grief and loss.  

This process helped me in all areas of my life not just my loss. Healing my grief has been huge for my kids. Home life is much more relaxed. The openness in my heart is helping me communicate and have more compassion for others. I am a better human being to myself, my kids, my friends, and even strangers because I am able to make new choices about how I respond to life. I know where my emotions and reactions are coming from now and how to feel through it all to let it go. Once you open your heart, your heart takes over and leads you where you need to go.” – Toni M. Denver, CO

"I have been doing amazing healing work with Karyn that is transforming my life . At the time I began working with Karyn, I was walking away from an unhealthy relationship with my ex that had lasted for 3 and half years since the death of my mom. The relationship had put me in a vicious cycle of false security and unmet personal potential. I began doing this work because I was ready for change and a major update of myself and my life in general, which is exactly what I am experiencing now! I was able to heal the grief and pain from both the loss of my relationship as well as the death of my mom. I am noticing major shifts in my physical health, my relationship to me, and my ability to seek out authentic relationships with others. I am able to weed through people who are not in alignment with me, which was so hard to do before because I was such a people pleaser. I would recommend Karyn to anyone who is looking for something different than traditional talk therapy to help them heal quickly and thoroughly from their grief and other challenges. One of a kind work!" - Dr. A.B Denver, CO

When I was 17, my mother, an abusive alcoholic, drank herself to death. Now 37, I was still deeply hurting from this loss. I was miserable, anxious, and depressed. By owning that I was the root of my problems, not my mom, I was able to take total responsibility for myself and let go of my security blanket: blame. I realized, much to my surprise, that I always had someone or something to blame for my problems and for my life, especially my past. By letting go of my anger and victim stance, I took back control of my life. I created so much space within me to be who I really am without the stories I had been dragging behind me for so long. I am at total peace with my mother. I never thought that would happen, but all of it is truly healed and laid to rest .

By healing this one area, my whole life has changed. I wholeheartedly trust my happiness and joy as who I am. I am looking forward to life. Before I was just surviving, and now that I have let go of my grief, I am actually living. I am working together with life instead of just letting it pile up on top of me. I know I am an amazing, strong woman, and I BELIEVE it now. It is difficult to even put into words the totality of the changes I am still experiencing even 3 months after completing the work. I wake up smiling every day. I feel bulletproof.

The work itself goes really deep, and the results are unmatched by anything else I have tried. Each session felt like 2 years of therapy in 45 minutes. There’s no way that I would have been able to get the places this work took me if it hadn’t been for the safety and trust that Karyn provides. She is a beautiful soul, and the changes I am experiencing couldn’t have happened without her. – Brandi S., Denver, CO

"Recently I completed two sessions with Karyn to grieve the loss of an old relationship and to let go of blockages that were preventing me from fully living; the blocks that I had created were hindering my progression in future relationships. I decided to focus on understanding my own mindset and figure out where these feelings were originating from. I needed to dive deep! I was nervous about what would surface in my sessions, including the traits I would uncover that I might not be proud of. Instead, I was open and able to face them with compassion and self-acceptance, which allowed me to acknowledge these parts of me so I could let them go. I have regained confidence in myself! I have been able to let go of the past and move forward. I also took back my ability to feel sexy in my own skin, I have gained my mystery back, and I have begun dating again!

I would recommend that anyone looking to let go of heartache, gain deeper understanding of self, and/or uncover blockages in any area of life try this approach for healing and growth. Sessions with Karyn are heart opening and fulfilling. She is an incredibly loving individual who wants nothing but to see you heal and prosper in life. I feel completely open and safe with her." – L.M. Denver, CO